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You'll never regret having too many pictures, so always take the opportunity to capture moments that matter!  


Hi! My name is Becky and I am the owner and photographer for Tangerine Photography.   As I watch my children grow, I encounter many milestones in life, and realize that life really does feel short. I'm amazed at the speed it goes by, but thankful that I can hold onto pictures to remind me of all the important memories I've had. I find every stage in life can be a beautiful event to be captured in pictures. 

When I'm not taking pictures, you can often find me chasing around my five awesome kids, preventing some sort of disaster,  going on hikes in the mountains, taking art classes, or on the couch with netflix and my supportive husband, while indulging in my hidden chocolate stash (doesn't every parent have one of those? no? Just me?). 

I have spent 11 years as a professional photographer. I'm always discovering the uniqueness and beauty of each person involved in the photo.  As a photographer I love to use natural light.  I am drawn to crisp, vibrant images as well as moody and soft pictures. You will see this in my work. You will also see natural moments and expressions because my clients always feel comfortable and entertained while I am coaching and talking with them through each picture.  My goal is less pose and more moments! 


Photo courtesy of Captured by Becky Photography

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Becky Noblet

Tel: 403-441-7222

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