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Session Information and FAQ's

Whether you are having a family session or an individual portrait session, know this: We are going to have fun! Your time with me won't be rushed because you and your family will set the pace! Family sessions typically last one hour which gives us plenty of time to get the perfect combination of your posed shots along with your genuine, candid moments as they transpire.  Individual sessions can be 1-1.5 hours to include wardrobe changes and travel time to different locations.

What do we Wear?

For family shoots, my best advice is to avoid the matchy-matchy and focus on coordinating.  Avoid dramatic patterns and logos. For those who just don’t know if they can coordinate, to make it easier I like to suggest sticking to neutral colours (browns, tans, creams, grays, etc) with pops of colour and texture. An easy way to start is to pick one outfit you love the best and then coordinate around that. Lots of times I suggest that mom picks the outfit she feels best in and then work everyone around hers. And if you really aren’t sure about this, please don’t hesitate to call me! I love talking about it and taking a look at what you are thinking! 

For individual portrait sessions, we will discuss clothing options prior to the session. We will collaborate on coordinating outfits to match the location as well as the desired style of your shoot.  Plan to have 2 or 3 outfit options to give variety to your photos. 


How should we Prepare?

This one is important. No matter what kind of shoot you are going to, the important thing to do is RELAX! You will have fun! I will be with you guiding you through all of it. Don't feel you need to know what to do going into your shoot. If it is a family shoot, prepare for moments that may feel like chaos, but trust that I will know how to capture those beautiful images even through the chaos (did I mention I have 5 kids? I know chaos and I work well in it)! So when you are getting everyone dressed, give yourself enough time so that you can still have fun with the kids in that process! On the drive, sing some songs, tell jokes, laugh! Talk about the pictures, and plan together one silly picture you can surprise the photographer with after you get all the other shots. Whatever it takes, try to keep the stress to a minimum if you are feeling it. And again, call me if you need to talk it out, I want this to be a fun experience. Know I will take some time before the shoot to help any children to get to know me a bit so they aren't so nervous or uneasy. 


When you book with me, we will discuss location ideas. I will ask you for your vision of your photos and I will then provide options for locations around that. If you just aren't sure, here are some ideas of location types: Nature, Water, View, Farmland, Rustic, Urban, Forest, Vintage/old, etc. If you have a word to describe a location that suits you, your significant other, or family, tell me and I will come up with beautiful location options!  Otherwise, if you have a specific location you want, let me know and I will make sure to plan the time according to the light in that area. 


Be on Time!

Now I sound bossy. But this is where you need to trust me. I often plan the shoots in a location and at a time that works with the best light. Other than you, the light is the most important part of the photos! If you show up even 15 minutes late, that could eliminate 15 minutes from our shooting time. So do your very best to be early or on time for your session.


Editing is a big component of the whole process of your experience. For me and most photographers, it is the largest amount of time that goes into the process. Every photographer has a style and since you've picked me, you are telling me you like my style (well thank ya!). In every picture of every album, I am popping the colours, fixing minor blemishes, taking out distractions from the background and fixing the odd mistake I may have made (we aren't all perfect, even photographers!).  Sometimes I'll come to a shoot and someone will say "I have this cut on my forehead, can you edit it out? Of course! My teenager has some pimples, can you fix that? Yep!  But sometimes someone will come with a shirt with a giant logo they don't want, or the wrong colour socks they want fixed in editing.  I want you to be happy with your photos,  so the easiest thing to do is to eliminate the things you can that will cause extra, unnecessary editing. Making sure you have everything looking the way you want will ensure a speedy delivery date for your photos!  

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